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Team Drive-Away moves one, two, three, and up to four units at one time. TDA does this by using drivers to move these trucks one at a time, by decking, or by way of a boom trailer.

Please see the Singles page for more details on Singles.
Please see the Decking page for more details on Decking.
Please see the Booms page for more details on Booms.

Driver’s Responsibilities

The driver picks up the truck(s) at the shipper (commonly the seller) and delivers to the destination (commonly the buyer).

Fuel, transportation to and from delivery / pick-up site, lodging, meals, entertainment, and injury insurance are the driver’s responsibility.

Fuel – TDA charges a fuel surcharge based on the following (paid in CPM): Current Fuel Price (National Average)1.45 / fuel economy = Surcharge

Fuel Economy is based on the following: Singles 8 MPG / Decking 5 MPG / Boom 6.5 MPG – based on our drive-away experience (DEF 100% Reimbursed)

Example: 3.91 – 1.45 = 2.46  Decking =.49 / Boom = .38 / Singles = .31

Transportation – Drivers can utilize a tow vehicle, flights, bus, rental cars, or any means of public transport. The most efficient and cost effective means of travel is the driver’s own vehicle. Drivers can move freely without meeting other schedules (like a bus schedule).

Lodging – Drivers can utilize the sleeper in a truck being transported. We recommend a plastic sleeve for the mattress if you choose to use the mattress in the truck. Customers are responsible for overnight accommodations when a breakdown occurs. If the driver is transporting a day cab, the driver is responsible for lodging. There may be extra pay to help offset this cost.

Driver Hiring Requirements

  1. Two years of commercial driving experience
  2. Between the ages of 23-68
  3. No more than six points on MVR (Scored internally by insurance)
  4. No more than 3 Hours of Service, 3 Driver Fitness, 3 Unsafe Driving, 3 State/Miscellaneous, or 5 Maintenance related violations on PSP, in the last 24 months
  5. Current and Valid CDL
  6. Duration of current medical card must be greater than 6 months and medical status reported to state of CDL issuance
  7. Must be willing to be over the road
  8. Must be able and licensed to operate a CMV with manual transmission
  9. No at fault rear end accidents in the last 36 months
  10. No more than 2 accidents in the last 36 months

  • Position Details
  • Contract Driving Position

    Taxes, Injury Insurance, & Medical Insurance are the responsibility of the contractor

  • Next Day Pay – By Way of ComData

    Next Day Pay – By Way of Com Data – While we pay by way of ComData we recommend drivers set up direct deposit as soon as possible – it will save money on ComData charges

  • OCC / ACC Insurance

    $12 per day on load with a max charge of $ 204.00 for the month (Deck Drivers make one payment for the month)

  • Training for Decking is Available

    Drivers must successfully complete 90 days of successful singles or boom work to enter the deck training program.

  • We encourage drivers to work for multiple companies. The more companies a driver has at their disposal, the more loads a driver has to choose from.

  • We allow electronic logs and accept all documents in electronic form (Cam Scanner from smart phone) but we also accept faxes and mail (they must be clear & legible).


23724 W. 83rd Terrace
Shawnee, KS 66227

Contact Recruiting @ 913-825-4776 OR
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